Giving Back: Operation Home Front & Ecarepackage

One of the great things about Thanksgiving and Christmas is that it promotes the spirit of giving. I’d like to take the opportunity to spotlight a charity that is doing great work for our men and women in uniform. No matter what your political beliefs are I think we all can and should agree that we owe a lot of gratitude to our military.

Operation Homefront works to help out the families of servicemen and women. This Christmas they are partnering with the Dollar Tree and hosting a toy drive. All the donated toys will go to the children of military personnel. – Ecarepackage is a part of Operation Homefront. At this website you can “adopt” a soldier or adopt a military family. When you sign up, you get to choose the state that the serviceman is from, as well as the branch of the military they serve in, and where they are deployed. Upon choosing from these three options, you will be directed to a list of military personnel to choose from. The list gives you the name of the soldiers as well as their interests and things they would like.

I like this program because you get to decide who your gifts go to, and it gives you the opportunity to learn a little bit about the person your helping and makes it more personal. If you decide to adopt a solider or military family through Ecarepackage, you may want to send them some snack items. Recently did a post on the 40 best cookie recipes for shipping. You can view this list here. And the following links will give you some instructions on shipping food items:

I hope everyone will consider donating to these wonderful causes.


  1. Thank you for including my Best Cookies to ship post in this lovely post. Both my husband and I are vets, as well as my son being in the military and we can attest to the importance of gestures such as this.

  2. Thank you for visiting. I’m glad you like the post. My husband and I are big supporters of the military. Thank you for your service. We, as a country, are truly in your family’s debt.

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