Fall Cleaning: Storing Your Summer Clothes

Mesh laundry bags can be useful for clothes that your not absolutely particular about protecting. I’ve used these to store flip flops and other summer shoes, and I’ve also used them to store t-shirts and shorts that I only wear around the house and sleep wear. Price $8

Plastic totes are perfect for storing anything. For clothing I recommend using totes that will fit in the bottom of your closet or on a closet shelf. I also recommend totes that will fit under your bed, like the one pictured here. These are great because it keeps your clothes dust free and it allows you to use extra spaces in your house (like under bed) more efficiently. Price $10-$15
These canvas bags are made of stretch polyester. They zip up, keeping the dust out and are ideal for storing clothes and linens, and they fit under your bed for easy storage. Price $13-$20

These hanging clothes stackers are often marketed for use in kids’ rooms. I probably would not like to use these on a daily basis, but I think they would be great to store your clothes that you won’t be wearing for a while, because you can place them in the bag, and then just hang it in the back of the closet. These would be great for shorts, tank tops, and t-shirts. It’s also a good product because you can store a lot of clothes without taking up a lot of space, because you are stacking them vertically. If you like these, I would also sugest buying a couple of them and using them in an extra closet. Price $15-$20

These hanging dress bags are great for dresses and suits, but can also be used for other clothing items. I, for one, hate to iron, and with these bags you can avoiding folding your clothes, which will help to keep them wrinkle free.
Price $7-$20

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