Trick or Treat Safety Tips

  1. Stay in well lit areas.
  2. Only trick or treat in neighborhoods you are familiar with.
  3. If you live in an area where you don’t have a lot of neighbors, take your kids to a safe neighborhood where a friend or family member lives, or go to a safe neighborhood near a school or church.
  4. If you have older kids who are going out without a chaperone, have them to go in groups, and remind them to stay together.
  5. Set a curfew time for kids who are going out without a parent.
  6. Have the kids wear comfortable walking shoes.
  7. Make sure their costumes are not dragging on the ground.
  8. Remind the kids to stay out of the road and to watch for cars.
  9. Make sure your child’s costume doesn’t cover their eyes or blur their vision.
  10. If your kid is carrying a sword, wand, pitchfork, or some other prop, make sure that the object is not sharp enough for him/her to injure himself/herself or others.
  11. Remind kids to walk and not run in order to avoid falling in the dark.
  12. Make sure your kids know not to eat any candy until you have inspected and okayed it.
  13. Don’t let your kids go out after dark unless they are chaperoned or in a group.
  14. Have your kids carry a flashlight or glow stick so that they can see where they are going and avoid tripping/falling and so that they can be seen by cars.
  15. Don’t allow small children to have hard candy or suckers.

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