30 Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

    Need an idea for a Halloween costume? I’ve compiled a list of some costume ideas that are both easy and inexpensive. Many of the costumes can be made by using clothes and other materials you already have at home. Other items can be purchased for a reasonable price at Wal-Mart, Target, or the dollar store. Also, try looking at thrift stores and consignment shops for used clothing that can be used for your costume. Have fun!
  1. Cat – Dress in all black. Buy a tail and ears or make you own. (or wear animal print and go as a tiger, leopard, or zebra.)
  2. Prisoner – Wear black and white stripes, and make your own ball and chain.
  3. Witch – dress in all black. Try to find something to wear as a cloak. Buy or make a hat and broom.
  4. Vampire – Just like the witch costume except wear a set of vampire teeth.
  5. Cowboy – Wear jeans, a flannel shirt, boots, and of course a hat. You may also want to add a vest and a gun holster and gun.
  6. Devil – Dress in red. Buy or make a tail, horns, and a pitchfork.
  7. Doctor – Wear a lab coat & glasses. Also, carry a stethoscope if you have one at home or buy one out of the toy department.
  8. Police Men – Wear a blue button up shirt and black or navy pants. Look in the toy department for a badge, gun, and hat.
  9. Teacher/Professor – Wear a suit or a blouse and skirt. Wear a pair of glasses. Wear your hair in a bun. Consider carrying a book or a ruler.
  10. Angel – Wear all white. Wings and a halo can be bought at any costume store, or make your own. When I was little my dad made my wings out of metal coat hangers and an old sheer curtain. The halo can be made with a coat hanger and glitter or shiny Christmas garland.
  11. Farmer – Wear overalls or jeans and a shirt, a cowboy hat or straw hat. Carry a toy rake or shovel.
  12. Fireman – Wear a yellow raincoat over your clothes and a pair of boots. Find a hat at a costume store or out of the toy department, if your head is small enough.
  13. Ghost – Make an instant ghost costume out of an old sheet or large curtain. If you don’t have any old sheets or curtains that are white, wear white clothing and consider covering yourself (except your head) in large white trash bags.
  14. Mail carrier – Wear a blue button up shirt and dark shorts and wear a mail bag over your shoulder.
  15. UPS guy – Wear a brown button up shirt and shorts. Carry a brown box as a prop.

  16. Athlete – Wear your favorite team jersey with jeans or buy a full uniform at a sporting goods store. Put black face paint under your eyes.
  17. Princess -If you have a fancy dress at home that you never wear, consider using it as a costume. (perhaps you have a bridesmaid’s dress from a friends wedding that your were in or a dress from some formal event) Otherwise look for a dress online or at a consignment store. They often sale used prom dresses and wedding gowns. Then buy crown/tiara from a costume store or a craft store like Hobby Lobby.
  18. Bride – same concept as the princess costume. Wear an old white dress you already own or buy one from a consignment shop. Consignment shop and thrift stores usually sell veils too, or you can make your own. Hobby Lobby sells veil kits or you can just buy some sheer fabric and attach it to a hair clip.
  19. Little Red Riding Hood – Wear a red dress. Make your own or buy a head cape. Carry a picnic basket.
  20. Hippie – Very easy costume. Just buy some vintage looking clothes and jewelry.
  21. 50s Costume – Females can wear a blouse, sweater, and long skirt. Consider making your own poodle skirt or a 50s style cheerleading outfit. Guys can wear jeans, a white or black t-shirt, and a leather jacket for that greaser/Fonz/Danny Zucko look, or wear jeans, a white t-shirts and a letterman’s jacket for the “soc” look.
  22. Flapper – Wear a long dress, preferably something vintage with fringe if you can find it. Make a headband with a big feather, and wear a long string of beads and a feather boa.
  23. Waitress – Wear a long skirt and blouse, and an apron around your waist. Carry a tray, a menu, or an order pad.
  24. Bum/Hobo/Scarecrow – Wear old jeans or overalls, and a old checkered shirt. Use old clothes or material to make patches to put over your clothes. For the scarecrow costume, consider stuffing hay or corn husks in your overalls.
  25. Hunter/Soldier – If you already have hunting clothes, wear them or borrow some from a friend. Otherwise check an army surplus store. Camouflage has been pretty popular in the last few years, so you may be able to find some camou pants on sale at a department store as well.
  26. Caesar – Use an old white sheet or other material to make a toga, and make a wreath for your head. Use this same idea for a Greek god or goddess, or a Cleopatra costume.
  27. The Crazed/Obsessed Fan – Wear a jersey or t-shirt of your favorite sports team or music group. Paint your face and make a fan poster.
  28. French Maid – Short black dress or skirt and blouse. Wear black hose and high heels, and a white apron. Carry a feather duster.

  29. Baby/Kid – Wear pajamas and big animal house shoes. Carry a stuffed animal and a bottle or pacifier. Wear your hair in pig tails or wear a bonnet.
  30. Television Icon – Buy vintage clothes to look like your favorite television character. Some favorites that come to mind are Happy Days, the Brady Bunch, Partridge Family, Andy Griffith, and I Love Lucy. Or consider more “recent” old shows. Find some 80s or early 90s clothes and go for the Miami Vice look or your dress like favorite character from Saved by the Bell or Beverly Hills 90210.

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