5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Buy or Build a Pergola

If you have ever seen a pergola in someone’s backyard, you might have felt like you wanted one for yourself. They are attractive features, and many homeowners can find all kinds of things to do with them. However, you also need to ask yourself a few questions before you move forward with buying or building one. Let us talk about some of those most pressing questions right now.

What Do I Want My Pergola to Be Made Out Of?

You might be preoccupied with finding the best pergola for high winds or snow if you live in a part of the country where that can be an issue. Accordingly, you can look at what the experts say about what kind of material for your pergola will do the best in these kinds of weather.

You might go with something like wood, aluminum, or polycarbonate. Any of those usually do well when you’re faced with destructive weather patterns.

Should I Build It Myself or Hire a Pro?


If you are someone who loves DIY projects, then the prospect of building your own pergola might very well excite you. This will be a chance to challenge yourself. Even building a pergola from a kit with labeled parts isn’t the easiest endeavor.


If you’re someone who is not very good with tools, though, it might be worth it for you to pay a professional to do the job. Most carpenters would be willing to tackle the project, or a handyperson would be another suitable option.


Do I Want My Pergola to Be Louvered?

A louvered pergola is one with slats that you can move to get the amount of sun or shade that you require. Many individuals want this option because they can move the slats depending on the season or what time of day it is.


If you decide you want a louvered pergola, you will also need to figure out whether you want one that you can adjust by hand or whether you need one with an electric motor. There are even pergolas now that you can adjust with an app, though these are more expensive.


How Much Am I Willing to Spend?


Any time you undertake a project like this, you need to look at the price tag and figure out whether it’s worth it. If you want a pergola but money is tight for you right now, it may be better to put it off till next year or a few months down the line.


How Long Am I Going to Be in This House?


Some homeowners are also reluctant to do too many updates to a house if they are not going to be living there for much longer. Before you install your pergola, ask yourself if you will be there for another year, or five, or ten. If you think that you might be on the move within the next couple of years, you may not feel it’s worth it to undertake a project of this nature.

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