The Best Smart Home Features To Boost Your San Antonio Home Value

You may have heard that the real estate market is a bit slow right now, partly due to what economists are calling a looming global recession. While the price of San Antonio homes have gone up 14 percent over the last year according to Zillow, nearly 47 percent of homes are selling for under the list price. Sellers may be wondering how they can update their homes to better appeal to potential buyers. While updates such as curb appeal, staging, and kitchen updates are sure to bring more buyers to your door, some buyers are taking a more technological approach to upgrades with smart home features. While not every buyer may care about having the option to control their home’s lights, heating, and garden irrigation system virtually from their phones, adding smart home features can be intriguing home selling points

Curb appeal 2.0

When real estate agents talk about curb appeal they are mostly referring to front yard maintenance, having a fresh coat of paint on the front door, and updating lights and house numbers. However, to take your curb appeal to the next level to attract buyers, you can add smart upgrades. A camera and lights by the front door that can be controlled with a mobile phone can give potential buyers an extra level of security. A smart lock can also be appealing to buyers, especially for families, eliminating the problem of forgetting your keys. These smart updates can be among the first details that buyers notice about a home.

Integrated lights and music

When staging a home, real estate agents will advise sellers to make their home welcoming and appealing to a wide range of buyers. Buyers want to feel at ease and one way to do that is by adding soft lighting and music. With the majority of buyers using their phones and other digital technology to play music, showing that your home is already set up with speakers and lighting integrated into a smart home system can take your staging to the next level. Agents can even have a demo where buyers see how they can control the music from a tablet during an open house.

Timed temperature control

Homes are a refuge and having an easy way to manage temperature control means that the next homeowner can set the temperature wherever they feel most comfortable. Some smart devices may even integrate temperature control with lights and music, making it even easier to create a customizable and comfortable home environment.

Refrigerators that know the menu

For home chefs, a kitchen with top-of-the-line appliances can be appealing, along with updated countertops and cabinets. When it comes to smart kitchens, a refrigerator that keeps inventory of your refrigerator and tells you when staples are running low can appeal to buyers who love to cook but may have busy schedules. If you want to upgrade your refrigerator before selling your home, a smart fridge is an ideal choice.

By adding a few smart home features, you can make your San Antonio home stand out in a down market.

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