4 Reasons To Use Limewash Paint On Your Brick House

Being a homeowner is no easy feat. From finally getting your own place to maintaining it, there’s never a dull moment for steadfast homeowners everywhere. But despite how much work you put into it, you can’t deny the satisfaction you get from calling a place your own. And now that you call the shots for what happens to your property, you’re bound to find comfort in choosing your own aesthetic.

Fortunately, there’s no such thing as shortage when it comes to different house styles. Colonial, Victorian, and contemporary—are only some of what architecture has to offer. Considering how human creativity holds no bounds, it’s not surprising if they somehow discovered more house styles to add to the list for a fresher design choice. However, some homeowners are still attached to antique styles; one of which is the timeless vibes only brick homes can give.

What Is Limewash?

Although they’ve been around for ages, brick houses are still considered ‘a classic’ in any neighborhood. However, just like any material used for a house, there’s always a downside despite their aesthetic. As for bricks, they’re much more vulnerable in places where there are extreme temperatures. Furthermore, their color pallet is only limited to earthy colors. Naturally, homeowners might be torn between choosing brick homes and other design choices.

To retain that brick aesthetic, some homeowners turn to limewash. Although they’re similar to paint, limewash has become popular because of some key features that will be discussed later on. However, to give them more background, limewash has been around for centuries since it’s made from powdered limestone treated with heat and water. Thus, even though the bricks aren’t coated in paint, the difference in applying whitewash before and after is still distinct.

Man bricklayer installing bricks on construction site

Why Use Limewash Paint For Brick House

Admittedly, paint still has a broader surface area compared to limewash. After all, from using it on a canvas to applying it on different mediums, paint has colored everyone’s lives one way or another. Therefore, you might wonder, ‘why should you consider using limewash when the paint is right there?’

  • Upgrades Exterior

First and foremost, limewash is used to transform a brick home. As mentioned earlier, bricks only offer earthy colors, whereas others can be engineered to use different color choices. Naturally, not everyone prefers earthy tones. Therefore, this might hinder them from even considering brick homes in the first place.

Limewash opens up a new path for those who dislike earthy tones but prefer a brick home’s texture. Instead of reds or browns, limewash often comes in paler tones. However, it can still be customized to your preferences. So, if you still like earthy tones except for the one your brick home has, the limewash can be adjusted accordingly to your style. And it’s a bonus if you also like classic antique aesthetic because that’s the look limewash is going for. 

  • Protects From Living Organisms

Although it’s made from natural materials, the limewash can still go toe to toe with any foreign organism. If you didn’t know, limestone ends up being highly acidic once activated by water. Considering it’s treated with heat and water, it’s safe to say that limewash is an effective deterrent against living organisms just the way it is.

  • Has Low Maintenance

Since it consists of minerals, the limewash can also reinforce the brick itself. It’s not strong enough to eat away at the surface, creating a protective layer that prevents the brick from deteriorating. With this, you can avoid seeing any paint or sealant that peels off the longer they stay exposed to the elements. Because of this, it’s safe to say it doesn’t need continuous maintenance, unlike paint.

  • Easy To Apply

Painting a brick home is often discouraged by the experts. Not because it looks much better in its natural state, but because of how bricks need to ‘breathe.’ Since paint is thick with strong chemicals, it’s bound to ‘suffocate’ bricks, leaving them cracked the longer the paint sticks. Not only that, but it’s also harmful to one’s respiratory system when breathed in. Therefore, both the homeowner and the brick home itself are in danger when using paint.

With limewash, you don’t have to worry too much. After all, limewash only contains limestone and water. So, it’s not as dangerous as the toxic fumes some paints exude. So, there’s no need to gear up with a mask or hire someone else to do it. All you have to do is mix your own limewash after buying a bag of it from your nearby hardware store, and you can easily coat your brick home with it as many layers as you want.


Liking the aesthetic of a brick home can be tricky if you don’t prefer its color scheme. Although there’s an option to cover the whole thing with paint, it can still cause you more trouble than good. Therefore, you might want to consider using limewash paint to retain the brick home’s quality while completely transforming its aesthetic.

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