Tips for Picking the Best Rowing Machine for Your Home

 If you prefer a home gym, owning the best full-body workout machine will help you achieve your fitness goal fast. To help you pick the best, we will review some connected rowing machines ideal for use at home. Following the tips below will ensure that you enjoy full-body workout exercises and also get value for your money. But first, ensure that you choose the best rowing machine. Understanding the benefits of having a rowing machine at home will motivate you to get one and exercise regularly to enhance your physical and cardiovascular health. Some of the benefits of rowing are;

  •         Enhancing overall stamina and fitness
  • Strengthens the heart muscles
  • Promotes calmness and feel-good hormones to boost the mood
  • Boosts immunity
  • Weight loss
  • Posture improvement

 It is advisable to get a high-quality rowing machine to reap the above benefits. Choosing the best rowing machine among the many types available in the market is a challenge to many connected rowing machine enthusiasts. The below tips make it easier to pick the best.

Tips to picking the best rowing machine for your home

  1. Rowing machine design

 The design of a rowing machine influences the type of technology used and features in a rowing machine. Air rowers are user-friendly since they take little space and are easy to connect. Hydraulic rowers are also a favorite because of their affordability, but they are harder to assemble and take up so much space. If you want a rowing machine that is less noisy and with more features and sophistication, then you may choose the magnetic and water rowers. Remember to review the size, price, and connectivity procedures first to determine the most appropriate design for you.

  1. Review various brands 

 There are many rowing machine brands in the market. Making comparisons of the different brands, their reputation in the market, and ratings by other users will help you make the best decision. Popular brands of connected rowing machines that connect via bluetooth or other digital device options are the Hydrow, The Echelon, and Peloton. Good brands will offer coach–controlled resistance level training sessions, display calories burnt, time and distance covered, and have Bluetooth or digital device compatibility. By doing research, seeking professional reviews, and getting referrals, you can identify the best brand that fits your budget.

  1. Consider the price

 Your budget will determine the type of rowing machine you can get. There are low-cost, mid-range, and high-end cost rowing machines in the market. What mainly determine the price are the machine features and the type of resistance. But workability of the rowing machine and minimal maintenance procedures should be the main factors to consider when choosing a rowing machine. Some rowing machines have extras that drive up the price, but these extras do not add any value to your workout routine. How you buy a machine also influences the price. Buying online means additional shipping costs. But you get time to read reviews on the type of rowing machines you prefer, get feedback from existing users, and review its ratings. Whether you buy the rowing machine in-store or online, price reviews will ensure that you get value for your money.

  1. Rowing machine features

 One of the main reasons the connected rowing machines differ in prices is because of the features each has. Below are some of the features a high-quality rowing machine should have.

  • The mode of operation should be manual or electric. If you opt for an electric rowing machine, it will limit you to locations where you can access power.
  • Comfortable seats and long seat rails
  • Preprogrammed coaching workouts
  • Wide display monitor to help you track calories, distance, and other personalized parameters.
  • High-quality pedals, wheel, and handles for a firm grip
  • Weight and storage options. Most people prefer foldable rowing machines because they take up little space.

 Rowing exercises will benefit you if you choose the appropriate rowing machine and do it correctly. Poor posture during rowing can cause injuries and will also not help you achieve high-level fitness. Connected rowing machines are relatively expensive. Proper care and maintenance procedures will ensure that it serves its purpose for a long time. That way, you will get value for your money. Some simple maintenance tips are;

  • Cleaning and storing immediately after use
  • Tightening all bolts regularly 
  • Regular pivot and chain lubrication 
  • Reviewing performance monitors regularly.

Specific rowing machines have custom maintenance procedures. The above are some general care and maintenance tips for a rowing machine for durability.

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