How to Introduce a Contemporary Home Style

Contemporary, modern living doesn’t mean cold and lifeless, which is how contemporary style is often perceived. You can entirely transform your home into a contemporary style with warm, neutral hues, filled with beautiful artwork and textures, and we’re here to show you how. Introducing timeless detailing into your home style is an elegant way to refine your home.


When renovating your home to include a contemporary style, taking your lighting into consideration is highly important. You can light your room in a variety of ways from track and recessed lighting to chandeliers and floor lamps. The trick with contemporary décor is to introduce a sleek minimalist approach to your home, so incorporating track and recessed lighting into your living space is a beautiful way to light up your home, hiding the source of light completely.

Photo Credit: Buster & Punch


Artwork creates the perfect, elegant finish to any contemporary home style if selected tastefully whilst complementing your home décor. Artwork doesn’t always have to be bright and colourful; you can commission a piece to include neutral hues in a variety of textures.

Alternatively, framed artwork in natural materials from wood, high gloss, or a matte-black placed together in a collection create a stunning focal point for any bare wall.

Contemporary Furniture

Contemporary furniture is a beautiful way to create a focal point as you enter the room. The key here is to not over complicate the design. Typically, contemporary has a clutter free vibe so focus on the shape, texture, colour, and pattern. Ideally, the pattern should be extremely minimal. You should try to incorporate neutral, black, or warm tones here whilst introducing elegant textures from silk to wool, jute, and linens.

Colour Hues

Black, white, and neutrals are often incorporated as part of a contemporary style. You have the chance here to play with some bold textures and colours in your accent décor to complement your neutral back drop. Be sure not to overdo the colour in your accent décor as your job here is to complement and contrast rather than overshadow. Often in contemporary style individuals like to stick to a neutral palette and play it safe. Additionally, you have the option to switch up your accessories if you’re left with a simple blank canvas underneath.

Undoubtably there are so many benefits to introducing a contemporary home style. You are introducing light, spaciousness, pleasing aesthetics, and a personal touch to every room in your home. You are ridding your home of unnecessary clutter and learning to live a very minimalist, clean, and tidy lifestyle. There is something special about the way we live in the 21st century, and reflecting this in our home style, by providing a beautiful energy and feel to our living space is highly beneficial to not only the way our home looks and feel, but how we feel day to day.

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