What are the 5 Most Popular Styles of House?

Have you ever wondered what style your house is? Do you ever walk down a street and admire other people’s houses? Well, often, you’ll find there’s a thread that connects all the houses you covet – and that’s their style. 

Maybe you are looking for a home and want to get a particular style. Or maybe, you’re looking to sell your home and think identifying its style will help. The housing market in 2020 and 2021 has changed massively. 

The pandemic has had people buying garden furniture in swathes. Low interest rates are making homebuyers wonder: should you get a fixed rate home loan? The trend of stone-colored paint sees homes get darker. 

But one thing never changes: styles of homes. So, whether you are looking to buy, sell, or just wonder what style your house might be, here’s a list of the 5 most popular styles of home. 

Cape Cod Style Home

Photo by Famartin on Wikimedia Commons

This style was made popular in the 1930s, though this style can be dated all the way back to 1675. These houses are often one-story, and are identified by their steep roofs, multi-pane windows, wood sides, and hardwood floors. Yes, you read that right. Hardwood floors. AKA the most popular flooring of this generation. 

Though the cape cod style tends to make small homes, they are made to feel bigger with large windows. 

Does this sound like your home?

Colonial Style Home

This is a style you’ve probably heard of. Colonial-style homes became popular beginning in 1876. These large homes usually have two to three stories. Traditionally, the communal rooms (kitchen, living room) are on the first floor and the private rooms (bedrooms) on the second and third. 

Colonial homes can be identified by their grand fireplaces and iconic brick or wood sides. 

Does this sound like your home?

Victorian Style Home

Photo by StillWorksImagery on Pixabay

This house style was popularized in – you guessed it! – the Victorian era. This is from around 1860 to 1900. Victorian homes are a popular style because they are detail-oriented, with a steep roof and bay windows. They’ll be light and airy inside, often with high ceilings. They have a partial or complete front porch. Perfect for sitting and reading on in the summer evenings. 

Does this sound like your home?

Country French Style Home

These popular US homes come from the 18th Century. The French occupied a lot of settlements in North America at this point – that’s where this style comes from. 

You’ll find these kinds of homes in New Orleans in particular. They are often a single story, but are made distinctive by their narrow windows with paired shutters and half-timbered frames. 

Does this sound like your home?

Tudor Style Home

Photo by JamesDeMers on Pixabay

The clue is in the name: Tudor Style homes are a modern reinvention of the style popularized in England during the Tudor reign. 

Tudor homes have a steep roof, cross gables, half-timbering (often for decorative purposes rather than practicality), and narrow but tall windows. 

Does this sound like your home?

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