Tips for Stress-Free Family Ski Holiday

We want our ski holidays with kids to be the most memorable. How should we prepare to get up the mountain with our family? Where and when should we go? What essentials do we carry? The answers are here. So go ahead, start looking at those Jettly flights and get ready for an unforgettable holiday.

Best Time to Ski with Family

Most ski resorts are crowded when schools close. The charges escalate at that time as well. Christmas breaks, Easter, and half-terms are some of the most expensive times. But we can find good deals if we properly plan family ski vacations. Booking early eliminates a lot of stress when it comes to finding the right accommodation.

The Gear

Clothes are probably the most critical considerations before heading to the ski slopes. We shouldn’t get wet, and much less our children. To make our kid’s experience better, we can buy them more comfortable ski clothes. Base layers, socks, and gloves should keep them warm. Some of the best base layers are made of merino wool. Gloves, hats, and mittens should be waterproof. Helmets are a must-have gear at the slopes while bright jackets help in identification.

Family-Friendly Ski Spots

Beginner slopes are ideal for our little children. We can save a few bucks by choosing a smaller resort with fewer crowds. When kids are learning to ski, they don’t need to explore acres of terrain. Steep slopes will not be of much help. Conveniently located resorts with nursery slopes are great for tired kids.

Childcare Facilities

Childcare facilities are very common in most resorts these days. But they are not designed the same way. We can avoid places that do not take care of little ones by asking the right questions before

booking. It is important to check the age they provide for to avoid disappointments. Some resorts accommodate nannies throughout the family vacation period.

Booking Ski-School in Advance

We ought to book a ski school before leaving home. We often make the mistake of looking for lessons when we get to the skiing destination. Many times, there is no room because families book ahead of time. If we have to hire an instructor, we must be sure they speak our kid’s language. The resort website should display such information so that parents can pre-book instructors and lessons before they leave home. Ski lessons are useful when kids are afraid to explore the slopes. They might need to spend some hours with teachers to familiarize themselves with the environment. With the right gear and knowledge, they can be confident when sliding around.


Family-friendly hotels offer the best stay with kitchen facilities so that we can cook for our kids. We need delicious and healthy meals while on vacation. Self-catering options are the best for fussy eaters, but we have to book early. If we are traveling as a group of families, it would be wiser to fill a chalet. It gives all the fun that we need for a weekend-long ski vacation without worrying about spoiling other people’s holiday. On the other hand, club hotels are the best when we have teenagers on board.

Limiting Time on Snow

Kids love winter holidays, but they may be demotivated by strange attire and boots on the snow and foreign land. Their source of encouragement is seeing other children do the same thing. However, we must not force them to learn or continue skiing when they are tired. It doesn’t matter if we have paid for multiple lift passes, it is good to limit the time they spend sliding on the snow.


Young babies going to an alpine environment need protection from intense sun, cold, and snow reflections. For the cold, there are many options available. The sun, though? This is where their cute sunglasses come in. But the best protection against cold and snow is ski goggles. They are particularly good when heavy snow is falling or in cold winds. Goggles are more secure than sunglasses. Well-ventilated double-lensed goggles help to control misting.

Mixing Up with Non-Skiing Activities

Many ski spots today are trying to create havens for young kids by incorporating other activities. Combining skiing with ice-fishing, berry picking, and pirating on snow can prevent monotony.

Magic Carpets

Magic carpets are better for kids than drag lifts. The carpet lifts do not require too much concentration, unlike drag lifts that can instil anxiety among kids.

Teaching kids to ski is not a simple thing. But good preparation equals fun multiplied. Let us choose child-friendly resorts and get good quality gear for safety and comfort.

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