The Ultimate Guide to Redecorating Your House

Beautiful interior of modern room decorated with fairy lights

Decorating your home is harder than it looks. Most people are not professionals when it comes to creating a pleasing aesthetic while also retaining the functionality of a home. There are a lot of different aspects to consider, especially if you are redecorating your entire home. If you are feeling overwhelmed, then here are some tips to help you pull together an amazing design that will make you feel right at home.


One of the very first things that you need to decide is what color palette you are going to use in your home. This will affect all the other decisions that you make, so it is important to decide early and make sure you are happy with the decision. The wrong color palette can make your home seem disorganized, even if everything else is perfect.

The theme that you want to convey with your home decor will greatly influence the colors you choose. A woodsy theme is going to have a much different color scheme than a modern theme. If you aren’t sure what theme to go with, think about a central piece or painting that you want to use in a room and then build a color palette around that signature piece.


You want to feel at home in your house, so it is important that the decor matches your personality. When someone walks into your home, they should automatically get a feel for who you are as a person. You can reflect your interests by the things that you have in your home and the decorating emphasis you choose. Colors, art, and other decorative items will show your guests a lot about what you value.


The lighting you use in your home will have a drastic influence on the mood and atmosphere. Appropriate lighting will give your home a beautiful and functional feel. Even if your home is beautifully decorated in every other sense, bad lighting will make it seem messy or cramped.

There will be different lighting needs for different rooms of the house. In areas like the kitchen and bathroom, you will want to make sure there is a lot of bright light. Those are areas in which you will need to see details and will want a lot of light to make working in those rooms easier. You may even want to consider several sources of light like the main light and over-the-counter lights to make this even better.

In other areas like the living room, you may want a variety of light options for different reasons. During the day or during game nights, you will want the room well-illuminated. During a quiet night in, you may want to be able to dim the lights to offer a softer setting. You may even want a floor lamp to put by your favorite chair to help you when you read in the evening. Having several different light source options is a good idea.

Dead Space

Be aware of any “dead” space in your home. Dead space refers to a place in your home that seems empty or bare. This may make your room seem incomplete. You can turn bare spaces into functional spaces depending on their size and location.

You may be able to turn the area into a small study area or a place to display artwork. You could use the area as an extra storage place. You can also use these spaces to show more of your personality by hanging items from places you have traveled or places you would like to travel.


Don’t be afraid to use white in your decorating. White is versatile and will fit with any theme and color palette that you choose. It also adds some sophistication and a sense of cleanliness to any decor style.

Especially if you are a fan of darker colors for your walls, adding in some white elements can help brighten up your room and make it seem larger. You can also choose white as the base color for your room and use pops of color to accent and add personality.

Rule of Three

One of the easiest and most important design rules is the Rule of Three. Objects that can be grouped together like accessories, fabric, or shelves look more visually pleasing when grouped according to odd numbers.

When choosing items to place on shelves or walls or a mantle, you should be very aware of using odd numbers. A tray with small decorative pieces should hold odd-numbered items. You can also do this when hanging a collage wall or decorating shelves. Try to avoid even numbers and opt for the odds instead.

Energy Efficient

While you are redecorating your home, you may also want to think about small ways you can make it more energy-efficient. This can be as small as getting thermal curtains that will help keep in the warm in the winter. You can also switch to a more energy-efficient light bulb in your lamps and other lighting options. If you are upgrading appliances, look for ones that will help reduce your carbon footprint and your energy bills.

Don’t Forget the Details

Sometimes we can get so focused on the large items in a room that we forget the small details are what really pull it all together. Small pieces like decorative door hardware & accessories can add more personality to your home and give your guests more to discover during their stay.

Other details like family pieces, portraits, or vacation items will make it feel like your space. You should take care to decorate your room carefully, but be careful not to give it a cluttered feel. You want the space to feel decorated, not cramped.  

You may also want to consider getting some plants to add to your space. Owning plants has been shown to increase positive moods and make your home a healthier place to live. Some plants will purify the air while you take care of them. They also add some extra flair to any space and come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit your design.

The Entryway

When decorating a home, sometimes the entrance can get overlooked. It is usually a small space, so that is understandable, but don’t make that mistake. The entrance to your home sets the tone for the entire experience. It needs to be both inviting and functional.

Entrances can also get very cluttered easily since it is where most people are taking off their coats, jackets, hats, and shoes. Having a system to keep all of this from piling up is going to set a better mood for your entire home. If the entrance is cluttered, then that is how the rest of your house is going to feel, even if it is not.

Furniture Arrangement

When you are deciding on a layout for your home, it is important to think about functionality as much as design. You want your home to look nice, but you also want to be able to use it. Arranging furniture to accommodate your lifestyle is your best bet. If you entertain a lot for dinner, then you are going to want a bigger dining room table that takes center-stage. If you have regular game nights, then you will want the couches and chairs to be facing each other and central to a flat surface for the game. If your family does regular movie nights, then you will want to make sure that everyone has a good view of the TV from where they will be sitting. The key is to make it the best fit for your needs.


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