The Average Costs of Getting Your Foundation Repaired By Professionals

Foundation problems often start small but grow gradually over time. If you think that your house needs foundation repair but you are skeptical to take action, you could be putting your house at further risk. Repairing your foundation on time comes with several perks, including safety, comfort, and improved property value.  Call a local foundation repair company to get an proper assessment of your home’s foundation.

Foundation problems can lower the value of your home. So, you would think that if you fix the problem, the value of your home should go up, right? In theory this is what should happen. Foundation repair affects the home’s value by preventing it from decreasing. This makes sense because any foundation problem will decrease your home’s value.

But should you do it yourself or hire a professional foundation repair company?

Well, to be sincere with you, DIY foundation repairs may set the stage for future disasters. First, you may not have the necessary knowledge to diagnose foundation issues and get to their root cause. Secondly, sometimes foundation repairs require special tools that may not be available to non-professionals.

On the other hand, when you opt to hire a professional or a qualified foundation repair company, you are guaranteed to get quality services. The only thing you will be concerned about is the cost you are likely to incur by hiring an expert.

To keep you on the loop, here is a quick overview of what you are likely to part with when you hire a professional to help you repair your foundation.

The Average Cost of Professional Foundation Repairs

Based on a review of homeowners’ reports, the average price for repairing a foundation is about $4000. However, the costs vary widely depending on the type and extent of damage, accessibility of the damaged part, and geographical location. Considering these factors, you will find that the cost of typical professional foundation repair California lies somewhere between $1800 and $6300. However, repairing small cracks may cost as low as $450.

Foundation issues can be disastrous. Delaying repairs allows the damage to extend further, and this puts the house occupants at risk of injury and death besides increasing the repair costs by incredible scales. Why wait for that crack to compromise your foundation to the extent of you paying more than $17,000 for professional repairs?

Parting with $17,000 may seem unbelievable when it comes to foundation repair. Still, when you consider the cost of hydraulic piers required for significant repairs and additional costs, the amount will finally make sense to you. A pier costs about $1300, and a house needs about eight to ten piers—on average. The total cost of the piers ranges between $10400 and $13000. Taking into consideration other costs such as labor ($300-$1500) as well as soil tests and reports ($500-$3000), you can see how foundation repair can make you part with an incredible amount of money. Seismic works, which cost at least $3000, may also be required in earthquake-prone areas.

Let’s take a look at the costs for the professional repair of particular foundation issues.

  1. Leaks

A foundation leak indicates an issue with drainage around your home, and it’s best to consult a professional to address the problem. Leak repairs usually involve digging around the foundation, filling cracks with cement, and installing new drains. Waterproof materials and sealant may be used during the repair. The total cost for leak repair equipment and labor varies between $2200 and $5900.

If flooding is frequent in your home, pumping out the water from your home is essential. This translates into investing at least $1000 in sump pump installation.

2. Cracks

Cracks broader than an eighth of an inch are worth the attention of a professional structural engineer. Epoxy injection is the preferred repair method for cracks that don’t compromise the foundation structure. The average cost of crack injection is about $400. Waterproofing and stabilization can increase the price of repairing at about $1500. Repairing cracks that pose a threat to the foundation structure costs at least $2000.

3. Bowed Basement Wall

Poor soil conditions can cause walls to tip inwards. Professionals use carbon fibers to stabilize walls that have not moved more than 5cm. This repair can account for $6000 on your budget. To anchor walls that have shifted more than 5cm, experts use steel strips. Stabilizing a 30feet wall with steel channels can cost as much as $22000 due to the labor-intensive installation and the high price of the materials.

4. Sinking Foundation

Sinking results from excess settling and requires immediate attention. Leaks, cracks and windows and doors that don’t open are early manifestations of a sinking foundation. The best solution to sinking is having your foundation leveled to its initial height with mudjacking or piercing/underpinning. The cost of leveling your foundation will depend on the techniques you choose. The cost of underpinning in California ranges between $1000 to $20000, while mudjacking will set you back between $900 and $1500.


The above figures give you an idea of what you are likely to pay for specific foundation repairs in California, with the least value being $400, while the significant repairs can go for more than $20000. Generally, the average foundation repair cost is about $4000. Nonetheless, the more you wait, the more the damage, and the higher

you pay a professional to correct the problem. So, strive to address any problem with your foundation as quickly as possible with the help of a professional. Be sure to work with an experienced structural expert who will satisfactorily diagnose the foundation issue and recommend the appropriate correction method.

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