A Wedding In The Backyard

What’s a wedding about? Is it about the officiant? Is it about decoration? Is it about the buffet or the open bar? Is it about the chairs or the venue? Is it about the limousine or the reception? Is it about the honeymoon? Or is it about the two people celebrating matrimony? Obviously, the latter is from which all the former descriptors come.  

Two people getting married represent the most important focus of a wedding ceremony. So why do you need to spend $20k+—as is the average—on a ceremony which is only collateral to the main event? A backyard wedding can save thousands of dollars, and be a lot more fun. You can be creative in thinking about your wedding decoration such as displaying your unique wedding hashtag to make it more trendy and modern.

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Hold the reception there, too, and you can make the event a sort of informal family reunion. With the help of a quick people search, you could even use this special occasion as an opportunity to reunite with old family friends and long-lost loved ones that you have lost touch with over the years. A wedding is a perfect chance to reconnect with those you care about!

You could even host your bachelorette party in the backyard! All you’ve got to do is plan it in advance. You can decorate more expensively while saving money, and there is much potential for memory-making. Also, don’t feel as though this is merely a cost-saving option. There can actually be more elegance about a backyard wedding—remember The Godfather?



Expanding Potential

Something else which many don’t think about is that when you cut out unnecessary costs, you free up potential. Saving thousands allows you to maybe explore more remote honeymoon locations. Or, you might be able to spend more time enjoying your new nuptials. The honeymoon is one of the most important parts of the wedding. This is when it’s first tested.

It’s also a very romantic time, and you’ll want the right wardrobe! While you’re saving money, you might consider buying dresses from online options like Azazie. They have all kinds of choices, and very affordable. A backyard wedding gives you more to work with—but don’t forget to use some of those savings on clothing you find overseas!

Some brides also like to get a little work done before the wedding itself. Going the backyard route could free up resources which allow you to use top-tier Las Vegas cosmetic surgery options. There’s no telling how you might spend your conserved resources.

Or you might not spend them at all. New marriages are often on the edge of financial difficulties for several years. It could be wise to save some money instead of spending it immediately. Still, there’s this to consider: money isn’t stationary. Do you think riches give you security? Only for a time. But Bear-Stearns was a top-five investment bank on Wall Street, and it went bankrupt in 2008.



Don’t Forget The Truth Of Reality

It’s possible to reach the very top financially only to have the rug pulled out from under you. At that point, what value will all those hours spent raking in the dough have? Then, only the experiences you couldn’t buy matter to you: relationships, those pristine silent moments of beauty in a natural environment, or intimate time with your spouse.

Since these are the most important things, whatever you spend your money on should necessarily be aimed at facilitating better memories and life experiences. These are what truly makes a soul rich and healthy. Perhaps you should go all out on your honeymoon. Perhaps you should go all out on your wedding. But even if you do, the backyard route can be smart.

Going all out in a venue where you have total control allows you to stretch your dollar.   It could allow you to go all out in other areas, like renting a limousine; check out Limo Find for more information.  Still, there are different ways to host a wedding all around the world, and you don’t have to stick to any set parameters. Whatever you do, ensure you focus your wedding ceremony on what matters: two people coming together, and becoming more than they were.


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