Resolving The ‘Mental Clutter’ Of A Household



Households are more than just a convenient method of taking shelter from the outside environment and storing all of your cool belongings. Our homes tell stories, both to us and others about our history and the history that has lived there. This is what people mean when they suggest that a home has a sense of ‘character’ and ‘place.’

Your home is more than just a place you retire to at the end of the day. It is absolutely an extension of your personality, and as such should be cared for. Consider how your surroundings speak to you. They can help you celebrate and remember cherished memories, they can influence your sense of personal organization and responsibility, or even bolster your appreciation for the arts. This is why a home with no decoration or personality is often quite a sad thing. Even hotels try to aim for a sense of tasteful decoration and comforting layout, as this helps a room gain character.

Resolving the clutter of a household can help you with your ‘mental clutter’ in more ways than one. Consider our handy tips in this article to help you optimize your home by these parameters:

Correct Storage

Storing your home items correctly can be important to help reduce the actual clutter of your space. You might choose to hide certain items, you might not. Consider using wall hanging baskets or hidden cupboards under the bed or perhaps opening a subsection of the wardrobe for items you may not need to keep on show. If you do not use an item in three months and it has little ornamental or decorative value, it might be worth submitting that for your own review, to either keep for another three months, or to replace and sell. Lessening the ‘stuff’ of your room can help your room otherwise feel open, comfortable and well taken care of, allowing you to think clearly.

Shapes & Lines

Believe it or not, the shapes and lines that your room is decorated with can have a big impact on the way that you think in a room. We are influenced by our surroundings more than we know. This is the difference between knowing ‘how much do roman blinds cost?’ and installing them, lessening the chaotic shapes often made by a draping curtain. It’s the difference between lining up your picture frames to be parallel, and ensuring your television is angled as your television stand is. These shapes all have a seeming impact on how you cognitively render your room when you walk in, so consider using a gentle balance of chaos reigned in with straight and organizational shapes. Even if you have little stock for feng shui, you can feel the benefits quite clearly via this effort. When implementing this in the form of furniture and the navigability of your floor space, you will find just how open and spacious you can design a room to feel, despite changing nothing of its actual dimensions.

The mental clutter of a household can grow too much to bear sometimes. With these simple lessons you can direct this to a more favorable outcome.

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