Bringing The Magic Into Your Kid’s Bedroom

If you enjoy decorating your home’s interior space and considering how each room is utilized by your family; you’ll find the task of decorating your little one’s bedrooms a joy. Kids bedrooms and play spaces are the perfect chance to have fun with your interior and design ideas, and you’ll be able to bring a touch of magic into your household. However, the challenge will lie in creating a usable environment which can evolve and appeal to your kids as they grow up and their tastes change. There are an array of ways to bring the magic and excitement into their room, without making massive changes to the structure or layout of the space. If your savvy with your design at the beginning; there’s no reason the bedroom can’t be updated with ease as the years go (or fly) by. Therefore, it’s time to write some lists, do your research, and enjoy the process of gathering your ideas together to create the ultimate habitat for our little ones to sleep, learn, and play.

As previously mentioned; your kid’s taste will inevitably change and develop over time; therefore, it’s worth thinking about a theme carefully. Children often go through phases where they love a particular toy, show, movie, or cartoon; however, investing in expensive wallpaper and sheets (and the rest of the merchandise) is a little risky as they might decide they like something new in a matter of weeks. Therefore, this post will focus on the various elements that make a young person’s room appealing, without a particular theme. There are always improvements, upgrades, and changes that can be made to an interior space that will suit an array of budgets. Some things may take a little longer than others, so it’s about finding the things you and your kids love, and implementing what you’re able to, and, more importantly; want to. The following are some ideas, inspiration, and advice for parents who want to add considered design, and a thoughtful magic touch to their kids bedroom, so that they have the best environment to grow and develop.

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Keep It Cozy

Kids love nothing more than having their own little den, nook, or fort, so why not create a permanent one in their bedroom space? One or two areas of the room can be sectioned off, and become a place where your children go to read, play, and use their imaginations (they can also house all those teddies). Whether you have a wooden floor or carpet in the room; separate the area with a fluffy or textured rug; a different floor will help remove the nook from the rest of the bedroom, and will add to its cozy feeling. The bed can also become a space where your kid wants to snuggle up and read before drifting off to sleep. No child likes sleeping in an old metal bed from the 1800s – children beds should be colourful, playful and personal. The last thing you want is for their bed to creak in the night and wake them up, or for them to think a monster is under the big space underneath them.

The soft and comfy places in the bedroom should have a covered area to add to the den feel and ensure that they feel secure and warm. You can be as creative as you want regarding how to cover a space. If it’s on the floor, on a cozy rug in the corner; you can use a decorative sheet or some canvas draped over furniture to create a roof. There are also an array of teepee structures available online, which are perfect for filling with soft cushions and throws. If you’re feeling creative and crafty; there are tutorials that will guide through the process of making a fabric teepee; this will allow you to choose the colors that fit best with the rest of the room, and personalize it for your little one. Similarly, there will be allsorts of fabric options regarding a cover for your child’s bed. Whether they want a princess-style drape or a pre-made giant leaf; they’ll love the bedtime routine if they get to hide underneath their little roof and enjoy a book with a torch.

Keep an emphasis on texture; kids love the feeling of various soft textures surrounding them, so incorporate them using blankets, throws, duvets, and cushions and pillows in an array of sizes. The soft furnishings are a great way to introduce pattern, print, and color, and they can be updated with ease when you want to change things or your child’s favorite color changes (again). Thankfully, cushion covers, blankets, and fabrics are easy to store or reuse in other parts of the home, making them the ideal way to update and have fun with a space. The covers and any fabric-based structure can also be removed when your kid feels like they’ve outgrown them, so they are an affordable way to introduce magic and excitement into the interior space.

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Light The Way

Lighting can set the mood and feeling in any room, so it’s worth thinking about how is best to illuminate the space, depending on what your child uses it for. The cozy den areas that were mentioned beforehand need to feel warm, with low-lighting. String and fairy lights will always create a magical atmosphere, so consider putting them up in dark corners, and even around the edge of the floor for some soft up-lighting. You could put up a dimmable LED rope light around the walls; either along the floor’s edge or above a picture rail or below coving. A dimmable light will give your little ones plenty of options regarding what they want to do at the time; if they don’t feel like reading by torchlight, they can turn it up a little, and they can have the lights low when it’s time to unwind and relax. Lights can also simply be decorative and a flexible way to create little areas of interest in their bedroom. Perhaps the wire on string lighting will provide the perfect place to peg-up photos, images, and pictures of your little one’s family, friends, and favorite characters.Using postcards and pictures to display what your child is loving at that time is another flexible way to change and update the space when they move on to their next favorite themes and shows.

It’s always worth having a lamp or two which are bright enough for your child to draw or read beneath; bedside lamps and desk lights are a great way to give enough ambiance and brightness, without making the bedroom look stark or cold. Floor lamps and the use of up-lighting will have the same effect; remember the bedroom is a place of fun, but also calm, so it’s worth using warm light bulbs which can still be bright. Fairy and festoon lights near reflective and shiny surfaces will twinkle, so it might be worth playing around with the placement so that you achieve the most magical effect.


Tiny Touches Of Fun

Another affordable and flexible option regarding adding fun and intrigue to your kid’s bedroom, is to collect together some quirky interior design accessories that will make everyone smile. The functional items in the space don’t have to be plain and boring; you could use novelty coat hooks and arrange them at different heights along a wall, or perhaps you could have fun with the storage and shelving. Think about using vibrant colors against white walls regarding any shelves or storage boxes; these will be less committal than painting a whole wall space, and you can get the kids involved in the process. Unusual shelf, chair, and rug shapes will all add personality and design features to a room with little effort, so it’s probably time to start checking out some inspiration and ideas.

Keep your kids part of the process every step of the way; their input will mean that you’ll create their dream bedroom environment, whatever you choose to do.



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