Hot Fall Beauty Trends for 2017

School just started here, and that means all the kids are sporting their new fall clothes, makeup, and hair, featuring the latest trends. When it comes to making a fashion statement, accessories and beauty products are just about as important as your outfit of choice.  Here are just a few makeup and nail trends that are hot this fall.
Lip color


Bold Berry Tones – When it comes to lips, the trendy colors totally stand out.  Consider wearing a bright red or a deep raspberry color, or any bright berry shade.

Nudes – If bold berry tones and bright colors aren’t your thing, you can go completely understated with a neutral nude or softer shades of pink, peach, and tan.

gold nails

Checkerboard Pattern – I have always been a fan of gingham checked shirts for myself and my family. Our son is in high school and he practically lives in this pattern.  When it comes to nails the checkerboard pattern is fun, bold, and eye-catching.

Gold – Gold is one of the quintessential colors of fall. It offers you a dark hue, mixed with a metallic shine. And the color goes so well with popular fall outfit colors like brown, black, crimson, dark green, orange, and yellow.

The color is also very versatile in terms of occasion. Your gold nails will look great with everything from your favorite sweater and jeans to your little black dress.
Quirky neutrals – Soft shades of pink and grey add a feminine touch to your look. Look for shades with a pearly or metallic shimmer. These colors add a simple yet elegant touch to your favorite cocktail dress or formal wear, and they are also perfect for daily wear at work or school.
blue eyes


Bold Colors – Models on the runway are wearing bright and bold colors, from blues and greens to fire engine red.  Eyeliners and mascara that are any color than black also a great way to give your eyes a unique look.
Glitter Eyes –  Look for hot shades with metallic flare.  A mix of black and gold gives you a beautiful smokey eye look that also pops and shines.  Or use the gold or a silver alone for a more neutral look that shimmers.
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