5 Products To Help You Promote Your Business

When you have a small business, whether it is a physical store, an online boutique, or a blog, advertising and promotion can really make a difference in your customer reach and ultimate success.  There are a variety of ways to advertise on and offline, but if you are on a tight budget your advertising funds must be used wisely.  One fun way to get your name out there is through promotional products. People see hundreds of ads each day, from online popups to signage; they see them for a moment and often forget them instantly, but the use of promotional products puts a physical item in a potential customer or client’s hand, and this will not only help to raise awareness but also help them to remember you.  Here are a few popular promotional items that may be worth your investment.

Business Cards – No matter what kind of business you have, it is important to have a card.  As a blogger and Etsy shop owner, I’m always being asked, “What’s your web address? How do I get to your site.”  In those events, it is great to have a card on hand to give people, and it is also very essential if you attend conferences or sell your items at live shows.

Magnets – In lieu of a traditional business card, a lot of people hand out magnet cards.  Often people are more likely to keep a magnet card they can actually use on their refrigerator or file cabinet, than a traditional business card.

WristbandsPromotional wristbands give you the option of handing out something wearable, and people love them!  In fact, my son has two or three wristbands that he wears daily.  Not only does it give the wearer a physical reminder of your business, but it is something that other people around the wearer will notice.  These are great to hand out at conventions, use in swagbags, or hand out as a freebie when someone purchases something from you.

Tumblers and Coffee Cups – Who doesn’t love drinking from a cool tumbler or coffee cup?  A lot of people invest in tumblers and coffee cups to promote their business because they do cost a few dollars a piece, but at the very least it is something you could buy for yourself and close family members or friends.  When your spouse walks out the door with his morning coffee, he will be a walking advertisement for you.  Tumblers and cups also make great prizes for promotional giveaways and swag bags, and a cup with a really cool design could even be sold through your business.

Shirts – Shirts give you another wearable option for you, your family, and friends to promote your business.  You can wear them out in your daily life, or wear them like a uniform when your participate in craft fairs and vendor shows.   They also make great giveaway items for prize packs and swag bags and are great to sell online at your website.

With the use of a couple of these promotional products plus a little work on your part, you will be on your way to promoting a successful business.


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