Unique Tile Ideas for Your Bathroom

The right tile design can be the difference between an average bathroom, and one fit for a king. Don’t be stuck with whatever your local home improvement store has available. Lesso Commercial offers several materials to fit all your needs. You will need to consider the current arrangement of your bathroom and the appliance you have installed. The best unique tile designs for your bathroom are marble, matching the floor and walls, making your floor stand out, and use the various shade of the same color.

There is nothing better than installing natural marble in your home. Each piece has veins of rock that give it a design you will never see again. Marble gives your bathroom a beautiful aesthetic that you can’t find in synthetic materials. This beautiful material does have cons. It’s very expensive to purchase and install. The marble material cracks extremely easily and can cause expensive headaches to replace. One of the unthought of problems with marble is that it can stain if it’s not maintained properly. You will typically find marble tiling for $10-15 per square foot, so plan accordingly if you are tiling a large area.

Matching your floor tiles with your wall tiles is a common trend over the last few years. This can look great and offer a unique appeal if done properly, but if you choose cheap materials it can turn out looking like a hospital bathroom. This isn’t recommended for a large bathroom because it is too much to take in. I would recommend trying this technique with a small half bathroom in a small contained area. I prefer smoky gray tiles with elegant white grout between the tiles. If you have a modern home, then this is the tiling for you.

We’ve all been at expensive buildings, and the first thing you notice when you go to the bathroom is a unique tile design that makes the floor stand out. You will want to start with a basic color of wall tiles like white or black. You will then plan your design with smaller tiles of various color. Many people prefer to use white tiles as the background color, and dark tiles to create the design. These designs come in a pattern that revolves around one focal point. This is your chance to be creative and add your own unique influence on your home.

Your tile design needs to match the decor of your home, and beach communities have their own unique designs. One of the best tile designs in beach homes is to use various light shades of blue and green to create a watercolor effect. The light shades are appealing when you walk in and they will remind you of the ocean on a beautiful day. I would only recommend using these colors on the walls of the bathroom and not on the floor. This is best offset with white floor tiles and white appliances, so it’s not tacky and overdone.

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