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If you are a regular visit to my blog, then you know that the Simply Sweet Home dog and cats play a huge role in my life.  I love them like children, and I try to do everything I can to make sure they are healthy and happy.  One way I do that is by feeding them good food like Hill’s® Science Diet®.

Rebel Cat

Rebel is my oldest cat.  He just celebrated his ninth birthday! (Happy Birthday Rebel!)  According to the age calculator I found on the Hill’s® Science Diet® website, this makes Rebel 52 years old in human years.

As an older cat, Rebel spends a lot more time lounging and napping than he did in his younger days, and he certainly isn’t the ball of energy our kitten Mina is.  But he still gets around well and has a very happy disposition.  Recently I started feeding Rebel Hill’s® Science Diet® Youthful Vitality.  The food is formulated to give complete nutrition to cats ages 7 and up.  The company also has a similar product for 7+ dogs and 7+ small/toy dogs.

Rebel Cat Sleeping
Hill’s has been studying how nutrition impacts pets’ cell function for over a decade. If you have an older pet, you may notice changes in their personality.  This is because the aging process is complex, slowing pets down both mentally and physically. They may sleep more, play less, and become less sociable. Older pets who were previously potty trained may have more accidents, and they may even be confused by ordinary things, like finding their bed.

Hills Youthful Vitality for Kitty

Hill’s® Science Diet® Youthful Vitality was developed with the changing biology of your 7+ pet in mind. This breakthrough nutrition is made with a proprietary recipe of natural ingredients including fruits, vegetables, fatty acids and antioxidants plus added vitamins, minerals and amino acids — all working together to fight the effects of aging.

Rebel immediately started feasting on the product.  And after several weeks of trying it, he seems more energetic and playful, and I’ve even seen less hairballs, which is a definitely blessing.

Hills Science Diet

The Youthful Vitality product offers complete nutrition for vitality and brain support, energy & interacting, and luxurious fur. Watch these fun cat and dog videos for more information.

Rebel at Play

Please try new Hill’s® Science Diet® Youthful Vitality with your own 7+ pet and fight the effects of aging.  Here are some coupons for the product.

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