Great New Product to Charge Your Mobile Devices – Echo Connect Plus

Echo Connect

Our household has its share of mobile devices, including Droid phones, a Droid Tablet, an Ipad Mini, and Iphones.  With all the devices that we use, someone is almost always using a charger.  For me, a tablet and phone isn’t just for chatting with friends or playing games, it is a tool for social media with my blog, a way to check important emails, take photos, and do so many other required business tasks, so I was very excited to learn about the newly launched Echo Connect Plus.

This is the first Apple licensed lightning AND micro-USB connector ever!  With both of the most frequently used charging connectors on one 6cm long flexible keyring, the power of charging is about to meet its most convenient form.

Launching on Indiegogo crowdfunding on 28th January 2015, Echo will present this new product to the world, for as little as $9 USD, a massive reduction from the full retail price of $35.

Personally I love the shape of this!  For a while now, I’ve been wanting charger to connect 2 devices at once, so this is great.  And unlike a lot of flash drives and other usb devices, this product is made of a flexible material, so you don’t have to worry about it accidentally breaking when you use it with your computer.  And it’s also a keychain, which means you can take it with you, and it won’t get lost.

Echo Connect Plus and other Echo Connect Products are available now on their website. Go check it out!



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