Tips for Immune Support + Gift Basket Idea

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Immune Support

We had a sensational October, weather-wise.  Here in the south, the fall season is usually a bit unpredictable.  It’s either really hot or really cold, and there’s no in between.  You can be wearing shorts and a tank top one day, and then the next week you’re breaking out a sweater and a wool coat.  Seriously! For the entire month of October, Noah wore shorts every day and only had to break out a light jacket last week, and then BAM! On Halloween night the low was 33 degrees!  Eek!  With this drastic change in weather, my first concern is immune support and staying well.

Immune Support

As a mom, blogger, and Etsy shop owner, I can’t afford to be at standstill, so I’m taking extra steps to help myself, in particular, stay healthy.  And if you’re in the same position I am in, you probably want to do the same.  I recommend a multi-vitamin for general health & well-being, and I like to make sure I get a supplement for immune health.  The one I am taking is Ester-C.

Immune Support

Ester-C is located in the vitamin and supplement aisle of your local Wal-mart. You can find Ester-C  in 500mg 90ct packages or 1000mg 120ct packages.  Personally I like the 500mg.  Adults take just 2 of them per day (preferably with a meal) for 24 hour immune support.  Ester-C is also a good pill of choice for immune support, because it’s gentle on the stomach, and it has metabolites which help your body to absorb and retain vitamin C.

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Immune Support

Other precautions you can take to maintain wellness include, drinking plenty of fluids, maintaining a well-balanced diet and exercise routine, getting plenty of rest. Getting a flu shot is also a plus.

You should also do what you can to avoid spreading germs.  Wash your hands regularly and avoid touching your face.  (Keeping hand sanitizer or wipes with you is also a good idea for when you can’t wash your hands.)  Clean and disinfect your home regularly, including keeping a clean kitchen, bathroom, and bedding.  Also, change out your air filters regularly to prevent allergens in the air.

immune support basket

If you have a parent, friend, or loved one that your care for, you can show them you care by giving them an “Immune Support Gift Basket.”  The one I made here includes a bottle of Ester-C, a get well card, chicken noodle soup, tissue, saline spray, coucg drops, lip balm, hand lotion, and a pair of cozy socks!

Get Well Basket

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  1. Awesome tips here for immune support and I love the gift basket idea, great for a get well soon or immune booster.

  2. It’s definitely the sick time of year! I could use any immune boost I can get!

  3. Keely Hostetter says

    Great idea, especially this time of year!

  4. Wonderful gift basket for getting or keeping well.

  5. Sonya Morris says

    My daughter needs a basket like this since she is away at college! I will have to look for the Ester-C next time I am at Walmart.

  6. JD Northwest says

    I actually stock some of these items at work for the team so that they have a fighting chance at staying healthy while working in the office. Holidays are crazy for sick days.

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