Designing Business Cards for Your Blog

Simply Sweet Home Business Card

As a blogger and Etsy shop owner one thing I’ve learned about is branding.  It’s important to have a unique banner/logo at the top of your blog to help you stand out. Hire an expert in logo making like Studio 60 Design Adelaide. And you, of course, want to use matching elements or colors throughout your website to create a cohesive look.  Furthermore,  it is important to use your logo and/or head shot and other matching thematic elements on your social media accounts.  But what about print media, such as business cards?

How do you take the elements from your website and use them to create a business card or a printed media kit?  The easiest thing to do would be to hand your elements over to a designer and have them fashion a card for you.  Some web designers even include a card design in with your blog design package.

But if you’re on a budget or if you just like to try and  do things yourself, then you can easily take your blog logo, banner, or other elements and design your own cards.

There are a lot of programs (free and not free) that you can use to design your cards.  In the past, I’ve used Microsoft Publisher.  It is very easy to upload your logo to one their card designs and customize it.   And of course, there’s Photoshop and Adobe.

But if you prefer to use a free program, you can download, which I used to create not only my business card design, but also all my website elements.  Similar to Photoshop, will allow you to add your logo, text, and any other elements you’d like using layers.

Or you visit PicMonkey and design your card there.  Just add your logo to one of their collage layouts.  Save the file, and then go back in to photo edit mode to add your add your text.

After you’ve designed your cards, you can print them out yourself or better yet, upload them to a printing site like Vista Print and order some professional looking cards.  You can also use one of these Vistaprint Coupon Codes to get your cards printed up!



  1. Dawn ~ Spatulas On Parade says

    Those are very pretty. I have not done business cards for my blog but of course for our business I created a logo for our cards.

  2. Tenns @ New Mama Diaries says

    Thanks so much for the tips! I hadn’t heard of, so I’ll definitely be checking it out for creating my web elements.

    New Mama Diaries

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