Guest Post: Lightweight Acrylic Beads Are Very Useful

Acrylic beads are available in many colors. Someone who is looking to make a very colorful piece of jewelry will often use these beads because they can find almost any color that they want to use in these beads. They are also very durable. A piece of jewelry that is being made for a young child will be very durable if made with these lovely beads.

Not only are they colorful and durable, but these beauties are also very lightweight. People are able to add larger pieces of jewelry without adding too much weight that it weights them down too much. This is what makes them wonderful for making earrings. A bigger earring can be created with these without pulling down on the earlobe.

 There are many options available when using acrylic beads. These are easily molded into almost any shape. This means that the possibilities are endless when it comes to finding the best shape for any project. There are crystal shapes available that are made out of this because this material is clear unless a color is added to it.

 Other shapes that are available will include hexagons, teardrops, round or oblong. Other shapes can include animals, flowers or celestial shapes too. Because these can be molded into any shape or size, there are many possibilities. A pendant for a necklace will be a great option. The round beads can be strung to make it into a colorful necklace. Charms for charm bracelets are commonly created with acrylic.

 Just because acrylic is a form of plastic does not mean that it does not sparkle. Acrylic beads sparkle. These beautiful beads will add a lot of color and fun to any jewelry. They are easy to work with and are very affordable which makes them a very popular type of bead for children and teens to work with. is offering discounts on all acrylic beads now.

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