Interview with Shelf Reliance Consultant Misty Marsh – Part 1

I’d like to thank Shelf Reliance Consultant Misty Marsh for taking the time to answer some interview questions for our party.  Today we have a few questions about the business itself, and tomorrow we’ll have some product related questions.  And if you have any questions to ask Misty or if you’d like to order something you may send her an email.
Q: What first attracted you to this type of business?
I have actually never been to a “home party” before starting this business because I didn’t like all the pressure to buy things I didn’t really need.  But when I was invited to a Shelf Reliance party, it was different: these are products I need: food and self reliance.  I was intrigued.  I was also very pleasantly surprised by the lack of pressure at the party.  Shelf Reliance is a company with no debt and they want to help their customers be more self reliant; they don’t pressure anyone to buy things they can’t afford. 
Once I tried THRIVE food, I loved it.  I was certain this was the type of food I wanted for my family’s “food insurance.”  I felt that was something I wanted to share with others and that by sharing it, I would be doing something honorable: helping others become more self reliant. 
The things that sealed the deal?  (1) This is a ground floor opportunity with an incredibly stable company.  (2) The compensation plan is generous. (3) There are no minimum sales requirement to earn on your own sales.  (4) The product is consumable: you will always have repeat customers. 
If you’d like, you can read more about how and why I got involved with Shelf Reliance.
Q: A lot of people out there have never heard of food insurance or food storage. Why is it important to have this?

Most people have car insurance, health insurance, home owners insurance etc.  Few people have “food insurance.”  Yet, we couldn’t live for long without food.  There are many things that  threaten our ability to provide food for our families: natural disaster, economic recession / depression, job loss, unexpected medical bills.  By storing foods with a long shelf life in your home, you create a form of “food insurance” that makes you less reliant on the grocery store and more self reliant.  You can actually have your own home store.”  THRIVE foods are your favorite foods: redefined.  You can store the same things you buy at the market: produce, meat, yogurt, cheese, milk, butter etc.  These foods are just as healthy and just as tasty as the fresh product.  The main difference is they are easier to use and have an average 20 year shelf life.
Q: For those who are skeptical about the need for such a thing as food storage, what do you say?

You pay your insurance premiums, but hope you never have to use your insurance.  This could be argued to be a waste of money because you are paying for something you never use.  But the peace of mind is worth it, right?
Food storage is another form of insurance, but it is a much better investment than most.  Storing it will bring great peace of mind.  It allows you to provide for your family without relying on the grocery store or anyone else.  But it isn’t a “waste” of money like many other insurances because it is something you will use everyday and rotate through.  You can use it in your everyday meals. 
Q: What, in your opinion, makes Shelf Reliance such a great company to purchase from and consult for?

Shelf Reliance has a great mission statement:

Through superior products and sound education, Shelf Reliance empowers people to become self reliant, prosperous and charitable.
That is something I can fully support. 
They are debt free and very generous.  Five percent of all their profits go to their Thriving Nations Charity.  They are serious about helping others become self reliant.  Our community and our economy needs more of us, many more of us, to be self reliant.
Their quality control is the best in the industry which leads to a superior product.  I know of a retailer (close friend of mine) who has been selling food storage for 20+ years.  When he found THRIVE, he stopped carrying all other brands because he says this is the best tasting, highest quality product he has ever seen.
They’ve made food storage affordable through the Q program and the ability to rotate and use the food in your own recipes on a regular basis.
They have no debt. They keep a 3 month supply of food in their warehouse for all their Q customers.  So, they practice what they preach.
They are very generous with their consultants.  The commission plan is superior.  In addition, consultants can act as hosts and earn commissions and free product.
Please stop by tomorrow for part 2 of my interview with Misty.


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