Easy Initial Art

I know this project has been going around the blogosphere for a while, but I made this a couple of weeks ago and just had to share, as it goes right along with some upcoming decor posts I’m doing.
And who knows? New ladies are discovering the blogosphere every day, and there may very well be someone here who hasn’t seen this.
I love this initial art idea because it’s easy and quick. (For someone who doesn’t have a lot of patience for a longterm project, this is a real plus!)  And I also love it because this is a great personalized item that you could make for anyone, to match any decor.

What You Need:
a picture frame
scrapbook paper
letter stencil
Mod Podge
paint brush
(The cat is optional.)

Use a stencil and pencil to trace your letter onto the back of a sheet of scrapbook paper. By drawing on the back side of the paper, you can avoid having lines on your letter.  (Just don’t forget to draw the letter backwards, or else when you cut it out, it will come out wrong.)
Next, if necessary, cut your scrapbook paper to size so that it fits in the frame.  Now take your paint brush and brush a little Mod Podge on the make of your letter. (I used the matte kind.) Allow to dry a few minutes.  Then take your paint brush and add a light coat of Mod Podge over the entire piece of scrapbook paper.  (Be careful not to use too much, or your paper will wrinkle.)
After your paper is completely dry, place it in your frame, and you’re done!

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  1. The Paper Princess says

    What a perfect project – my inital and a kitty to boot! 🙂


  2. ourlifeinaclick.blogspot.com says

    Hi Jerri,
    Thanks for stopping over and telling me about the feature. Can't wait to see it!! I'll definitely grab a button!! I really appreciate it.


  3. Amy @ Finer Things says

    Not a lot of patience for a big project? That'd be me!

  4. Very cute!! I love the cat helper!!

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