Blog Hoppin’ Tuesday: My Funny Fridge Cat

I have more cat pictures for this week’s blog hop. This week’s theme is Funny pictures, quotes, stories, etc. And I couldn’t think of anything funnier than a cat invading my fridge…

Dixie Belle loves to look in the refrigerator. I think she knows what it’s for! And one day I was putting away the groceries, and I turned around to find her actually in the refrigerator. And of course, being the picture freak that I am, I had to grab my camera right quick and snap a few photos. (Don’t worry, I checked the fridge for hair and wiped it down before putting the rest of the food in. And besides, Dixie assured us that she was clean as a whistle.)

Here Dixie Belle is posing for the camera, as if this is exactly where’s supposed to be. Doesn’t she look innocent?
Here she’s gazing at the potatoes in the crisper and trying to figure out why she can’t get them. (And if you think she looks intrigued by the potatoes, you should see her when there’s a bug or a tree frog on the outside of the windows!)

And here she is going for the food that’s not under glass. She’s reaching for the cottage cheese here, but what she doesn’t realize is there’s some fresh chicken just above her head.

…And still intrigued by the potatoes.

And I think she’s a little mad at me here because I’m telling her it’s time to come out.

And here she’s taking one last look at the place before she has to exit. What an exciting tale to tell her brother!


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  1. Lol! That's funny!

  2. oh, she's silly. don't you just love how inquisitive they are? yep, she's totally playing innocet. HA

  3. How funny! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  4. Saph @ Walk With Me says

    Too funny!

  5. Blessed2Serve says

    Awesome! You gotta love cats!

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