New Christmas Poll & Call for Submissions

I’ve just a posted a new Christmas poll. You’ll find it near the top of your screen, in the left hand side bar. Being in choirs for many years, I’ve always loved Christmas music, so the poll question is, What is your favorite Christmas song?

Also, I’d like to take this opportunity to ask for submissions/contributions for the Christmas festival. Each week I’d like to have a post that features ideas from other blogs & websites. My posts will contain links to the featured idea/post, as well as a description of what the links is, and possibly a photo from the post if applicable, with your permission, of course.

I hope some of you will decide to participate. This will make things more fun. We’ll be able to have a variety of good content, and by getting featured here, you can get more visitors to your blog/website. And if you’re already posting Christmas ideas anyway, you may as well take 2 minutes to send me your link.

I’ll be looking around the internet & blogosphere for ideas to feature, but I would much rather feature ideas from people that read my blog and people that actually volunteer to be featured.

Here are the rules and parameters to follow, if you’d like to be featured.

1. Write a post on any idea you have for Christmas. (if you don’t celebrate Christmas, but celebrate some other holiday instead, you can also send me a link to those ideas.)

  • It can be a recipe…dessert, appetizer, casserole, candy…anything goes.
  • It could also be a Christmas craft or decoration or scrapbook/card project.
  • The recipe/craft/decoration doesn’t have to be something you’ve made yourself, though that would be nice. I’ll accept it as long as it’s something that I think other visitors to my blog would like.
  • Any other Christmas tips and ideas are acceptable as well.
  • I’ll also accept ideas that may not be yours, such as a blog post or website that you’ve found and enjoyed. Just let me know if the link is not yours so that I can get proper permission, if needed.
  • If you have any personal Christmas stories, favorite memories, or a wish list you’ve posted, you can send those in as well.

2. If you’d like to be featured in my Christmas festival, email me at Type “Christmas Festival” in the subject box. In your email, include your first name, your website name, a quick description of your idea, and a link to your idea/tip, etc. (This will help me to sort through submisions, and ensure that I link to the proper post/idea.)

3. I’ll be accepting submissions through December 21. Here’s a tentative schedule of events:

  • Dec 1-6 I’ll be featuring Decorations/Crafts/Cards/etc.
  • Dec 7-13 I’ll be featuring recipes.
  • December 14-20 I’ll be featuring simple ideas/tips, misc ideas (could be more recipes/crafts/decor, if need be)
  • December 21-25 I’ll be featuring a Christmas meme and stories/wish lists.

4. If you miss the deadlines for the first 2 weeks, you can still send in your idea, and I’ll post it during the week of the 14th or the 21st. I want to give everyone a chance to share his/her idea.

As you can see, Decorations/Crafts are up first, so if you have anything you’d like featured, send me your link over the next few days, otherwise, it won’t be used until the week of the 14th. (and sorry I didn’t post up this call for submissions till now.) If you have any recipes or anything else that you’ve posted and would like me to feature, you can go ahead and send those in as well. Throughout the month I’ll post up reminders so that everybody can get their submissions in.

Hope to hear from you all! Have a great weekend!



  1. Cooking and the City says

    A great idea Jerri, I’ll try to think of something 🙂

    Dell 🙂 xxoo

    ps I’ve got some awards for you! sorry but am hopeless with links!

  2. I will try and think of what to do for this Jerri – knowing me it will be a recipe 🙂

    Rosie x

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