Spring Cleaning: The Living Room & Den, Part 1

When I think of spring cleaning, the living room/den area isn’t the first place that comes to my mind. I think this is because we typically don’t store things that get cluttered and need organizing in this room. And speaking for myself, I do a little bit of cleaning every day in the living room, sort of a “clean as you go” plan. Also, I think sometimes everyday-clutter has a tendency to just be natural to us. (like kid’s toys)
But I think that since we spend so much time in this room, (particularly our leisure time), we should make a special effort to keep it as clean as possible (while still maintaining a comfortable & relaxing atmosphere). So I got to thinking about some different ways to approach spring cleaning in the living area.

-Cleaning Carpets & Upholstery: Run the vacuum over your carpets and furniture upholstery. Use the hose and an attachment to get in between and behind cushions. If the cushions can be removed, take them off the couch and vacuum the bottom side of the cushions as well as the entire area underneath the cushions. If applicable, consider flipping the cushions over before placing them back on the couch. Take cushions outside for a while to let them air out, or sprinkle baking soda or fabric refresher on cushions before vacuuming to eliminate odors. To eliminate odors on carpets, sprinkle baking soda and leave it overnight. Then vacuum the next day.

-Afghans & throw pillows – If cleaning instructions allow, place these in the washing machine. Or take them to be professionally cleaned. Place throws and pillows that you do not plan to use again till next winter in a vacuum storage bag or other water-proof, moisture-proof container and store them in a closet, under a bed, or in the attic. -Buy or Rent a carpet cleaning machine: Once or twice a year my dad shampoos his carpets with a professional carpet cleaning machine. If you can’t afford one of these, you can rent one to use. They work extremely well, and you won’t believe how much dirt they keep up. And your carpets will look great. You also hire someone to professionally clean your carpets, but it’s much more cost efficient to do it yourself.

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